Go the Distance

What is GTD?

The purpose of GTD is to inspire the Loomis Community to Go the Distance for our kids. Our goal is to raise awareness about the positive impact health and fitness has on our kids, while raising funds to help support future Loomis Union School District (LUSD) programs. As stated in our mission, we seek to improve the educational experience of students in the Loomis Union School District by supplementing academic and enrichment programs.

The vision of Go the Distance began with ultra-runner, Greg Bomhoff, father of two and parent in the LUSD. The idea of a "one man ultra jog-a-thon" was in response to a need for our community to step up when physical fitness programs were being cut in 2010. Go the Distance was launched at Franklin Elementary School’s 1/4 mile track. GTD has since evolved into a 24-hour team relay race and a 5K run where kids, parents and the entire community run in the spirit of that first 24 hour run.

 Following that first year, Go the Distance team brought all of the schools in the Loomis Union School District, in conjunction with Del Oro High School together to make Go the Distance a true community-wide event. Each year going forward GTD will impact over 4,000 students from kindergarten through grade twelve. 

Challenge the impossible! If you believe you can and are willing to put in the effort to succeed; you are capable of more than you could ever imagine!