Go the Distance


In light of the information just released about the remainder of this school year, we are obviously not going to be holding Go the Distance on May 8-9th like we had hoped. If at all possible, we will do something in the fall. As soon as we know anything, we will make sure to let you know!!!!! In the meantime, we are going to close registration and offer a choice to people who have already registered to pick one of these options:

1.) Please keep my donation to help with future events for the students
2.) Please keep my donation and defer my registration to next year's May 14-15 event
3.) Sorry, I am no longer able to donate and request a refund

We will be contacting the people we have received payment from the week after Spring Break with more details. Middle school teams, you will be hearing from your school site. Thank you for your continued support for our students, schools, and community!